Sprinkler Blowouts in Federal Way

If you have an irrigation system on your property, it is important to prepare it for the winter season before the temperature dips below freezing. Custom Landscape Construction is a trusted local sprinkler blowout company that will completely clear out your irrigation lines using pressurized air. This will ensure that your sprinkler system does not freeze or burst during the cold months, helping extend your system’s overall lifespan.

Our sprinkler blowout service is quick, affordable, and guaranteed to keep your irrigation network in optimal condition. Call (425) 772-8812 for more information.

Our Tried and True Irrigation Blow Out Process

Over our time in business, we have helped countless property owners protect their sprinkler systems over the winter and avoid headaches in the spring. We have developed a refined, systematic process that allows us to fully clear out your water lines for the coming winter with maximum efficiency.

Our professional method for blowing out sprinkler lines includes the following:

  • Turning off your water flow
  • Opening valves to let any excess water drain out
  • Hooking up our industrial air compressor to your network
  • Blast high-pressure air throughout each sprinkler zone
  • Drain any leftover water from the water supply line

After our winterization, you can rest assured that your irrigation system will be ready for you next year. Reach out to us today to speak with one of our customer service experts. 

Advanced Equipment for Blowing Out Sprinkler Systems

Although many property owners have air compressors, most consumer-level units cannot compete with our industrial compressors. Our top-quality technology allows us to quickly and completely empty your irrigation system with little room for error. Our premium tools, combined with our in-depth knowledge on the subject, ensure that we always provide complete and effective winterization. 

Affordable Sprinkler Blowout Service

We are pleased to offer fair and straightforward pricing on our professional irrigation clearing. You may not see the immediate value in preparing your sprinkler system for the winter—but ask anyone who has had to deal with the results of frozen pipes, and they will tell you otherwise. Our cost-effective blowout service will help give you peace of mind during the cold season and ensure that your irrigation system is ready in the spring. 

When Should I Get My Sprinkler System Blown Out?

While there is never an exact cut-off date, it is important to make sure you blow out your irrigation system at the right point during the season. If you perform the job too early, you may end up depriving your lawn of the water it needs to stay healthy. But wait too late, and the ground may already have started to freeze. We encourage you to reach out to us near the end of the season, and we can advise you. 

Your Go-To Source for Sprinkler Blowouts 

If you put a lot of work into your landscape, make sure you protect your investment over the winter months with a comprehensive irrigation blowout. The expert technicians at Custom Landscape Construction have everything it takes to safeguard your sprinklers for the winter and have them ready for the spring. Phone us today at (425) 772-8812 for more information.